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Successful Business owners are the backbone of the US Economy.  They have no peer in regards to motivation, risk taking and determination.  Achievement provides financial rewards and independence… combined with recognition in society as successful it’s inevitable that business owners are in fact icons, i e their perceived image is that of the business and the business image of the owner.

At WealthGuard Advisory Group, LLC, we work with business owners who seek to plan for the ultimate, and inescapable goal…  How and when do l transition my business to the next owner’?  Our mission is to work for successful business owners far in advance of this event so that the final results will be financially sustaining, emotionally satisfying, and mentally gratifying.

Transition / Succession Planning (aka “Exit Planning”)
Exit planning is not listing your company for sale and finding someone who will pay the highest price (although that step may occur later in the process).  Rather, it is the process of preparing a company and its owner(s) for that ultimate sale or future transition.  The fact is that most attempted business sales end up as failed engagements.  We believe that the reason for this high failure rate is because the owner and the company were not well prepared for the transaction.

WealthGuard Advisory Group LLC offers to business owners an array of services that covers the key considerations all owners have or will have.   These include business valuation, analysis, financial planning (personal and business) Tax Planning (personal and business), risk management. and estate planning.  Each business and its owner will be different and have unique needs and objectives.  WealthGuard Advisory Group LLC has approaches and solutions that cover a wide spectrum.

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