Skill Set of Business Advisor

  • Broad and deep – advisors to business owners need to have significant technical capabilities. This includes significant skill and experience in tax planning, valuation and business analysis, risk management, financial planning, and succession/exit planning.

    Comment – John Williams has worked with and advised hundreds of business owners in his career as a CPA®.
  • Strategic alliances –  advisors to business owners need to have a network of capable professionals including attorneys, valuation experts, investment bankers/brokers and risk management consultants.

    Comment – John Williams has worked with and vetted a number of skilled business professional advisors.
  • Flexibility  –  working with business owners requires an advisor to be flexible in how the service is to be rendered. One size does not fit everybody. Furthermore, business owners want to “test” the relationship and services before making a long term commitment.

    Comment – John Williams offers an initial short term agreement at a negotiated flat rate based on the needs and goals of the business owner. 

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