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As you near retirement considering the number of decisions and their impact on your future life style can be intimidating. We have helped many individuals sort their way through this process. We provide them important analysis that illustrates the effects of various decisions. Its important to recognize there are many options but many of them result in irrevocable choices. Its critical to your future and your families that you know all the facts and properly determine the best solution. 
A sampling of the issues that most retirees must address:
  • When should I take Social Security?
  • I have a pension (s) – what options should I choose to maximize my income stream yet protect my family?
  • How much can I safely withdraw from my portfolio each year without depleting it?
  • Can I afford to help pay for my grandchildren’s education?
  • How do I determine the best choices for supplemental health insurance once I’m on medicare?
  • How do I invest to trade off – risk vs. the need for return ( because I expect to live 25 + more years)?
  • What happens if we experience a prolong period of declining portfolio returns?
Granted there are numerous considerations and there is no simplistic solution. Our approach is to address each one independently while recognizing they are all pieces to our clients lives that requires coordination and proper direction.  In the end, we achieve an “ Elegant Simplicity”.

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