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A sound investment strategy is the cornerstone of wealth accumulation and preservation.  At WealthGuard Advisory Group, LLC (WAG), we utilize time-tested investment disciplines and merge them with a science of investing… The Modern Portfolio Theory.  The mission of WAG philosophy is to deliver investment portfolio returns that over time equal or exceed index benchmarks (i.e. S&P 500) while taking less risk.

We employ and consistently maintain these three investment principles for each portfolio we manage:

  • Asset Allocation (the mixture of stocks, bonds and cash is the dominant factor in determining total portfolio return and controlling risk)
  • Disciplined Diversification of Assets using Modern Portfolio Theory, a Nobel Prize winner in economics
  • Rebalancing asset allocations when appropriate

We work with each client to determine their risk profile and time horizons.  This exercise results in the development of an investment portfolio(s) that is a mix of asset classes selected to achieve the highest return possible commensurate with risk tolerance.

Fee only – our investment advisory services has only one master – You.  We don’t accept or allow commissions from anyone.  You work with an independent Registered Investment Advisor.  We believe, and know, that our services can only be successful if we are completely unbiased with regards to investment selections.

Our investment strategies are implemented through the use of  low cost asset-class mutual funds and ETF's (exchange traded fimds).   These investment vehicles have  low fees and are tax efficient. 

We believe all clients must have concise and unbiased information so that they can measure the progress in reaching their financial goals.  An important part of our service is the individualized, comprehensive Investment Performance Report we send to each client on a quarterly basis.

Second opinion - we offer a complimentary analysis of your existing investment portfolios. You will discover information and details that are rarely shared including asset allocation, how diversified are you, what risks are you exposed to and did not realize and the true cost of your investments. The analysis is a detailed report that is prepared by a Chartered Financial Analyst  and reviewed, discussed and presented by John L. Williams.

Our minimum investment accounts - $ 250,000.

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